• E-Book Resident Evil, Book 4: Underworld By S.D. Perry [English Versions]

    Book four of the bestselling game Resident Evil Series turned movie, turned book, Resident Evil: Underworld by S.D. Perry.


    All of the survivors from the Caliban Cove incident were in route to Europe to rendezvous with the other surviving STARS members for other operations against the evil deeds of the Umbrella Corporation. The entire adventure on this series has been guided and manipulated by a mysterious and enigmatic figure known as Trent. Reluctant enough, yet the group agreed to Trent’s plans to infiltrate the facility, steal the code book, and take down Umbrella once and for all. As they made their way to the Umbrella Facility, the unending and nerve breaking actions comprises the whole series. Leaving us some queries if they could ever survive with their operation and be able deal with the head of the Umbrella Facility known as the Planet.


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    Pdf Versions: E-Book Resident Evil, Book 4: Underworld By S.D. Perry [1,19 MB]

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    Ratings: 5
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